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St. John's Antigua West Indies.

St. John's city is the capital of the twin island of Antigua Barbuda. St. John's is the main business center of the Island there are many shops and business located in the capital. 

One of the major shopping areas is duty free Heritage Quay located on the pier where the cruise ships dock in St. John's Harbour with many different shops selling things such as: Jewelry, Caribbean clothing, beach wraps, Caribbean music, Caribbean t-shirts, Antigua T-shirts, cameras, and accessories, souvenirs, shoes and many more gifts and crafts.


Heritage Quay band Stand with tourists from the cruise ships and an entertainer.



V. C. Bird International Airport Parking Lot

The V. C. Bird International Airport is being developed by R. Allen Stanford a Texan Billionaire & his group of companies.

Vere Cornwall Bird Senior  First Prime Minister Of Antigua & Barbuda                                                  

  Sir Vere Bird Monument     

  Located at Market Street Market Square in St. John's is a monument of Antigua & Barbuda's first Prime Minister the late Sir Vere Bird senior. On 1st November 1981, Antigua and Barbuda became an independent nation and V. C. Bird Senior. became the first Prime Minister Antigua & Barbuda. The  Right Honorable Dr. Sir Vere C. Bird Died at age 89

The Public Market in St. John's

The public market is in St. John's on Market street where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables in Antigua


Public Market is on Market Street across from he Bus Station or Bus Depot.


The best shopping time is 5:am in the morning like Fridays. The Vegetable Market is opened from early until about 6:00 pm



Antigua Barbuda Fisheries. Located on Market Street,  St. John's.




Antigua fish vendor at the fish market in down town St. John's.

Located next to Antigua fisheries and near the bus depot.





Antigua Public meat market on Market Street next to Antigua Fisheries Limited.

St. John's with the ships docked at Heritage Quay


THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST. JOHN THE DIVINE IN ST. JOHN’S ANTIGUA WEST INDIES dominates the capital city of Antigua. In approaching the City of St. John's from every direction, and also from the air, the twin towers of the Cathedral, which is set on a hill, are visible, distinctive, and an important point of reference. Before these towers were severely damaged in the earthquake of 1974, the Cathedral's clocks provided the time with reasonable accuracy for all residents, nationals and visitors alike.

The Cathedral has played an important part in the political and cultural history of the island. As a result, the people of Antigua of every, or no religious persuasion, feel that they have a particular claim to regard the Cathedral as their own. It is for such reasons that the Cathedral is considered to be a national monument and will be listed as a protected historic building in the National Trust legislation currently under preparation at the initiative of His Excellency the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda, Sir James Carlisle.


The present Cathedral is the third building on the site. It was completed in 1847 and consecrated as a Cathedral and Parish Church of St. John on 25 July 1848. It can still be described in the words used for its immediate predecessor, as "an excellent building, superior (architecturally) to anything of its kind in the West Indies”

At the west end, the Cathedral is dominated by its distinctive twin towers, 70 feet high. The cupolas which crown the towers are aluminum in color. In its day, the design was controversial and it was criticized by ecclesiastical architects as being like "a pagan temple with two dumpy pepper pot towers". However, in more modern times, it has been called "the most imposing of all Cathedrals in the West Indian Province".

The building has been described as a "church within a church". The exterior is of sandstone, covered with a cement wash which is probably responsible for having preserved the exterior walls from erosion and flaking. The roof of heavy corrugated iron is painted a silver color. The interior is of pitch pine considered to be of very superior quality. This method of construction was intended to secure the building from the most severe devastation either by earthquake or by hurricane.

The Cathedral and its churchyard are surrounded by a brick wall, and the iron gates at each entry were erected by the vestry in 1789. The south gate, the original main entrance, is topped by two figures, cast from lead and covered with whitewash, representing St. John the Baptist and St. John the Divine. They are said to have been taken from a French ship destined for Martinique by a British Man-of-war cruising the Caribbean in 1756, during the Seven Years War between Britain and France.


Antigua Cruise Ship Dock
Disney Cruise

The famous Disney Cruise docked at Heritage Quay on the first trip to the Island.



Disney Cruise

Heritage Quay Shopping Center in St. John's

Shopping In St. John's

There is literally hundreds of local shops on the Island that sells everything from T-shirts to Jewelry stores, beach ware, souvenirs, greeting cards, fashionable clothing,, Cassettes, CDs, paintings, drawings, and hundreds of other things.


St. John's, Antigua, West Indies Climate

The Climate in Antigua Barbuda is mild & tropical. June to November is Antigua Barbuda's & the Caribbean's hurricane season. Travelers are advised to keep an eye on the weather in Antigua during the hurricane season. Between theses dates July to August are the hottest days in Antigua Barbuda. December to February tends to be cooler months on the Island.  Last year rain fell all year round which was very unusual.

St. John's Antigua Barbuda Transportation

Available in St. John's is the following transportation:

Taxis which is noted with the license plate TX and be found at the Airport, Taxi Stand, The Ship dock at Heritage Quay, the hotels, the bus Stations and all over the Island. You can get a taxi by calling their numbers or by

 stopping it at the bust stop.

Buses: The buses are available at the Bus Stations or the bus depot going to various parts of the Island. The buses have the same yellow plate as the taxis but is  marked Bus. When traveling on the buses in Antigua in order to get it to stop at your desired destination just say " Bus Stop Please"  There are no bells or anything else to get the driver to stop.



Please see our Antigua Transportation page for bus routes and the cost.

Buses are available going to English Harbour or Jolly Harbour for a tour of the great parts of the Island,


Rent A Car: There car rentals companies in Antigua & Barbuda such as Dollar Rent a Car, National Rent a Car, and many others. The car rentals are noted by their plates having RR in red with a white background.

Banks: Banks are available on the Island for foreign exchange  at the Airport, Jolly Harbour, English Harbour, and down town St. John's. Antigua has a number of International banks such as: Stanford International, FirstCaribbean, Scotia Bank and some local banks like Antigua Commercial Bank and  Antigua Barbuda Investment Bank

The Antigua Barbuda Museum is on Long Street opposite FirstCaribbean Bank. If you need more  information on Antigua history & culture.

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